Bully re-release gives fools in Britain a second chance to be outraged

I can only assume the editor of The Telegraph tented his trousers with perverse glee when he realized that Rockstar was re-releasing the “violent” Bully, as it gives pundits and plebs the chance to whine and moan a second time about this controversial game that “glorifies” bullying.

The game was originally called Canis Canem Edit in the UK to combat this kind of pathetic whining the first time around, but with Bully: Scholarship Edition hitting current gen consoles in March, developer Rockstar Games has decided to go Hell for leather and call it by its proper title, the title it should always have had, since crooking a knee to political correctness is a dangerous and ill-advised action.

From the charity BeatBullying, to game fighting politician Keith Vaz, plenty of people in Britain have been getting their licks in now that the game has changed its title to one they can judge the entire thing from. After all, attacking a game with a Latin phrase for a name just isn’t sensationalist enough, while Bully gives them all the fuel they need. Look forward to this release getting even more complaints, and you can bet the “omgz interactivity” of the Wii will be mentioned, too.

PC World and Currys are two UK stores that have decided simply to ban sale of the game. “We don’t think this is suitable for sale in our stores. We are careful about what we sell and this is something we have decided not to list,” claimed a store spokesman, who seems to think people who matter buy games from those places.

I was never completely interested in this title when it was first released as Canis Canem, but thanks to the outcry from these jesters, and the decision to revert the name back to Bully, I believe this is one I am going to happily support when it hits the Wii and Xbox 360 in a few months’ time.

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