Bulletstorm enemies are made out of one little bald guy

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Having generic enemies that all look the same is a fatal flaw in game design, and one that can take you out of the immersion. Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly is avoiding this issue in a rather clever way — by making all of its enemies out of one little bald chap. 

Bulletstorm uses a single character model for its generic enemies, but piles on various attachments and accessories to create hundreds of different looking opponents, similar to your average character creation mode. The irony here is that, while Bulletstorm features even more visual repetition than your average shooter, it will look more varied and unique as a result. 

Of course, now that I know the secret, I cannot unsee the miserable bald fella in all of the images. Still, it’s a neat trick, and the illusion ought to work once you’re in the heat of battle. Great job!

How to make an army out of one bald dude [People Can Fly]

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