Bullet Witch costume extravaganza: Part 3

More Bullet Witch costume love! First off, the developer’s weblog has merged with the official site, and is now located here. Many thanks to Hannah for alerting me to this and pointing out the new batch of costumes! You rock. The rest of you, hit the jump for more pictures of Alicia in the craziest of outfits. Not surprisingly, there’s a Christmas themed one, too.

Ho ho ho.

Another one reminiscent of Final Fantasy

Woah. Is that a butt?


Very stylish, aren't they?

I had to edit some of the pictures so they’d fit snugly in with the format we use at Dtoid, but I slapped the “AQ Interactive” logo on all of them just to be safe. Also, check out the pic of the developers’ office(?) in the gallery below. Is the guy on the right using a Wiimote taped to a tennis raquet?

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