Bullet Witch costume extravaganza: Part 2

Bullet Witch. My strange obsession with the game defies all logic. I have never played the game. The only preview I’ve read didn’t specify what expectations we should have of the title, and there are only handful of gameplay videos out there, all involving you blowing up gas stations and restaurants, and calling forth bolts of lightning to zap evil men in their nuts.

Strangely, I’ve never been a Halo fan. I loved Perfect Dark Zero, but I doubt I’ll ever play Gears of War. I know, I know … I don’t deserve to own a 360. And I don’t. Not yet, anyway. So, I have to ask myself, is there something terribly, terribly wrong with me if Bullet Witch is the game that makes me want the system?

That said, let’s move onto Part 2 of one my earliest posts on Dtoid

BW 003

BW 002

BW 004

BW 005

BW 006

BW 007

There you go. Hot, eh? Suddenly, I don’t feel like an ass for wanting this game. I really, really hope the U.S. release of the game comes with these costumes available, because I sure as hell wouldn’t want to spend all my time and points unlocking them.

Thanks, once again, to Costume GET, and the Developer’s weblog.

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