Bullet hell shooter RXN Raijin is getting a limited physical edition on Switch

3,000 copies

The rise of the digital era has had a tremendous impact on physical media. As more and more people buy games online some retailers are shrinking their shelf space, leading to many pundit’s predicting that physical media will continue to dry up. But in rare cases, digital sales actually create the opportunity to craft physical products.

Take RXN Raijin for example. Eastasiasoft released the bullet hell shmup back in December of 2017 on Switch, and deemed it successful enough to warrant a punt on a physical edition. On August 30 you’ll have the chance to grab a limited edition version of the game, which will run you $49.99 and come with an artbook, steelbook case, collector’s certificate, full color manual, collector’s box, and…the game.

If you want it, you’ll have to head to Play-Asia’s website below as they have exclusive distribution rights. While I have no idea what the demand is, the run is limited to 3,000 copies — just something to keep in mind. If you’re fixing for a psychical copy you can opt for the standard edition for $39.99, which is not limited.

RXN Raijin [Play-Asia]

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