Bullestorm demo skillshoots PSN, XBL on January 25

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Electronic Arts, People Can Fly, and Epic Games have announced that a demo for its batsh*t first-person shooter, Bulletstorm, will hit Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network on January 25.

The demo will allow players to check out a piece of the game’s “Echo” mode, a score-based mode that will have you using the game’s “Skillshot” system to top the leaderboards. You’ll have access to a number of weapons in the demo, including the Peace Maker Carbine, the Flail Gun (it fires two grenades linked together by a chain), and the Screamer, “a powerful revolver that turns enemies into human fireworks.” 45 different killshots will be available in the demo, giving you just a taste of what to expect in the final release.

Folks who play the demo will find that they’ll unlock “platform-specific upgrades” in the final retail game, for use in the game’s “Anarchy” mode, including the Crimson Leash and Stealth Armor.

Bulletstorm is out February 22 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. No word on a PC demo.

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