Build your own freaky BioShock playlist for scares on-the-go

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear distant, old music playing on the radio, I find myself wanting to take cover from an incoming Big Daddy. In fact, an incident from a couple of nights ago is a great example of how BioShock’s musical score and sound has scarred me for life.

I shut down my Xbox 360 after an extended session of BioShock went into the wee morning hours. After the sound of my rig and Xbox 360 died down, I could hear a faint, scratchy song in the distance, and it scared greatly. At the very moment that my mind had identified the music as the score from a black-and-white film playing on a television in another room, I heard/felt a thunderous room-shaking rumble right outside my front door. Genuine fear hit me in the center of my gut, and I really thought that Big Daddy had arrived to take me on in my living room. It turns out that it was a massive truck passing by my house, but it was enough to send me to bed with the covers over my head.

After all of that, I don’t know why you’d want to compile a list of the ambient music that plays in BioShock, but Major Nelson has put one together for us. He has put up a great chart with some clickable Amazon links for your freaky playlist making convienece. Hit the jump to see it.

Wow. Even out of the game’s context, The Ink Spots’ “If I Didn’t Care” still manages to be spooky.

[thanks, JV] 

Title  Artist
20th Century Blues Noel Coward
Academy Award Stanley Black
Avalon Django Reinhardt
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (means you’re grand) The Andrews Sisters
Best Things in Life Are Free The Inkspots
Brother Can You spare a Dime Bing Crosby
Danny Boy Mario Lanza
God Bless the Child Billie Holiday
How Much is that Doggie Pattie Page
If I didn’t care The Ink Spots
It Had to Be You Django Reinhardt
It’s Bad For Me Rosemary Clooney
Jitterbug Waltz Django Reinhardt
Just One Of Those Things Lee Morgan
Just Walkin’ in the Rain Johnny Ray
La Mer (Beyond the Sea ) Bobby Darin
La Mer (Beyond the Sea) Django Reinhardt
Let’s Fly Away Lee Wiley
Liza Django Reinhardt
Night and Day Billie Holiday
Papa Loves Mambo Perry Como
Please Be Kind Django Reinhardt
The Party’s Over Now Noel Coward
The Waltz of the Flowers Pytor Llyich Tchaikovsky
This Is A Changing World Noel Coward
Wild Ride Faux Frenchmen
World Weary Noel Coward
Wrap your troubles in dreams Bing Crosby
You’re Getting To Be A Habit Harry Edison  Bing Crosby
You’re the Top Cole Porter
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