B**tch betta’ have my money: Brash being sued by devs over unpaid dues

Things aren’t looking good for the publisher of such hits as Jumper and Alvin and the Chimpmunks. To start, as of last week, Brash Entertainment has shut its doors.

So I suppose it’s not too surprising to hear that they’re being sued by two developers for non-payment of dues work work. 7 Studios and Zootfly have both hit Brash with a suit. The former says Brash owes them $113,000 for Six Flags Fun Park and an adaptation of the upcoming Tim Burton-produced film, 9. Zootfly, on the other hand, is waiting for their $748,000 for work on a videogame based on Prison Break

Hard times for the small developers who were just looking to feed their families at the expense of spending countless hours on licensed drivel. While we had high hopes for a game featuring mini-games revolving a character called “T Bag,” we’d rather see hard-working folks pay their bills.

[Via Variety]

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