Brutal Legend: Black talks roadies in latest video

In the latest “Brutal Thoughts” — a video series featuring Jack Blacks’ Brutal Legend-related musings — Black teaches the viewer how God built heavy metal roadies just a little bit different than the average person. Black touches on roadie arm size, the roadie’s smile, and even the roadie’s ears.

The latter subject is by far the most interesting. Black says that an out of tune guitar might sound a “little off” to us, but for a roadie, “a guitar that has lost its tuning shatters his eardrums with a mighty scream — a warcry that compels him to dash on stage like a f–king cheetah to fix the problem so the show can go on … So the show can go on.”

It’s all metal in the header. Click the button to watch Jack Black do his thing.

Brad BradNicholson