Brothers in Arms Wii developer interview

Brothers in Arms is a World War II-based title, which may stick out among titles like Mario Party 8, Boogie, and Wii Sports, but Gearbox Software and Demiurge Studios believe that the shooter is a perfect fit for the Wii. was able to talk to Al Reed, Demiurge Studios’ director of development, about the translation of Brothers in Arms to the Nintendo Wii.

Reed talks about how the game’s difficulty level, gameplay, and graphics were changed to fit the Wii. He also covers how the control was completely reworked for the motion-sensing Wii Remote.

We picked BiA as a title because it was well-suited to the controller but we also gave the team here free-reign to make whatever changes they needed to in order to leverage the Wii Remote. We tossed out the interface for sniper scopes, ironsights, crouch, grenades, melee, squad commands and stationary weapons and never looked back. If you haven’t played BiA before, you’d never know that the game is based on a prior release – the game feels like it was built for the platform.

Despite being a Wii title, it looks like the game will still carry its M-rating. When asked about multiplayer features, Reed said that the team “decided to focus our efforts on taking advantage of Wii hardware and especially the controller rather than MP.”

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Dale North