Broken Steel Fallout 3 DLC game play trailer to hype you up

Broken Steel, the latest and greatest DLC for Fallout 3, hits tomorrow for both Xbox 360 and PC tomorrow. You read our preview, didn’t you? I flew all the way to London to write that for you!

If you did read our preview, you’d know that this DLC is a big deal. Broken Steel actually removes the ending of Fallout 3, raises the level cap to level 30, and then piles on new weapons, Perks, enemies, locations, and more. You’ll want to hop on Xbox Live tomorrow and grab this for 800 Microsoft Points. As we said before, $10 is a small price to pay for all of this content. 

Below the jump you’ll find a teaser trailer for Broken Steel. You’ll get a quick look at some of the new locales and enemies we’ve mentioned. Oh, and some nice demonstrations of the new weapons. Enjoy. 

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