BritToid episode 4: Keep calm and go deeper

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Well isn’t this long over due? Sorry about that everyone, our bad. However, these last few months have seen plenty going on! DtoidUK became Dtoid Europe after we adopted a Dutch guy. DtoidEurope finally got a HQ as myself and Dan Seto decided to become roommates, which sadly saw us without Internet for over a month. We attended Eurogamer Expo in London and I celebrated my one year as Community Manager. All very exciting.

So sit back, relax, don’t be mean and enjoy episode 4 of BritToid: Keep calm and go deeper.  


  • 00:00 — Look who’s talking!
  • 01:54 — Since they don’t exist anymore, what have you been playing this week?
  • 24:40 — Place your bets for Christmas!
  • 39:00 — BREAK! Germany plays eurodance trash at you.
  • 40:30 — Oh God, the public vote on stuff …
  • 52:10 — Whip out your Golden Joystick.

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