British tabloid photographs thirteen-year-old dad playing Saint’s Row II

The British tabloids love demonizing videogames for corrupting our youth, begging for such “sick filth” to be banned and blaming teenage crime on interactive entertainment. So, what does one British rag do? Outside of encouraging teenage pregnancy by piling attention on underaged spunk chucker Alfie Patten, The Sun also advertises underage gaming by promoting his playing of Saints Row II on the PS3.

The story of Alfie’s 13-year-old fatherhood is incredibly messed up in itself, and the British press swarming around it like flies on sh*t is even more screwy. However, I’d like to focus instead on the blatant hypocrisy of the UK news media on this one. After all, it was The Sun that used Grand Theft Auto as an excuse for Ryan Chinnery’s string of attempted sex attacks, and here it is, using an equally gratuitous game for an “adorable” photoshoot. Should The Sun really be encouraging such salacious entertainment for a dirty schoolboy that can’t keep his little acorn winkie in his pants?

This just further reinforces my theory that no videogame could ever do as much damage to society as the news outlets that attack them. After all, I’ve never seen THQ or Rockstar reward teenage pregnancy with cute photoshoots and doubtless high-paying exclusive interviews. 

Well done, Sun. You have done British journalism proud. Again.

Jim Sterling