British sci-fi novelist Richard Morgan is Crysis 2 writer

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The narrative of Crysis 2 has much more emphasis placed on it than the storyfrom its predecessor, and the reason is because Richard Morgan is writing the game. Morgan is a well-known science fiction writer, the author of such novels as Altered Carbon and Broken Angels, and Crysis 2 is his first foray into videogames. It’s an appropriate project for him, since his writing tends to take place in dystopian futures.

Crytek approached Morgan, who admits to having a “complete addiction” to videogames, about writing the story of Crysis 2, and he jumped at the chance. At Tuesday’s preview event, he professed his belief that games have a “massive potential” to have as much “emotional charge” as media such as books and films, which is why he wanted to bring his skills to Crysis 2 and try to engage players in the ways in which he would like games’ stories to engage him.

I’ll have a more in-depth post on Morgan’s involvement in Crysis 2 in an hour, so come back then!

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