British paper says Modern Warfare 2 goggles are for pervs

As you all know by now, Infinity Ward is offering a pair of night vision goggles with the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 . As you also may know, British tabloid “journalists” love to insinuate that videogames and gamers are perverse tools of Satan, so it’s no surprise that glorified comic book The Daily Star is claiming that the Prestige Edition goggles are for “pervy nights out.”

“GEEKY computer game fans are set to become an army of ogling pervs thanks to a giveaway of night edvision goggles with an edition of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” writes respected journalist Ciarah Hannah. “… Hordes of joy-pad junkies are rubbing their hands in anticipation and some have already admitted they will use the
goggles for ‘stealth dogging’ and to spy on gay cruising spots.”

The Star writer then quotes a pair of gamers who posted obviously joking comments on various blogs and attempts to portray them as serious testimonials and evidence that all gamers are perverts. 

I think the most hilarious part of this story is that it’s coming from The Daily Star, a scummy little rag that regularly prints pictures of naked women and even has a section on its site called “Babes” where anybody can look at a massive pair of breasts. The Daily Star also sponsors Television X, one of Britain’s cable porn stations. So, for The Star to accuse anybody else of being an “ogling perv” is downright f*cking ridiculous, and just a little hypocritical. 

Still, they don’t play videogames, so they’re obviously far more mentally stable than we stealth-dogging gay cruisers.

James Stephanie Sterling