British comic talks videogames, is utterly fantastic

Irish comedian Dara O Briain has been a favorite of mine for a while, but this video clip of him supporting videogames as an artistic medium may have catapulted him right to the top of my love list.

In this clip, from his recent Live At The Apollo gig, O Briain comes out to the audience as a gamer and points out how silly it is that the largest entertainment medium in the world should be so shameful to enjoy. He then goes on to talk about what videogames do that no other art form does, and is as funny as usual in doing so. 

He even slagged off the Wii. This man’s hardcore!

Seriously, I urge all of you to watch the clip. It’s so rare to see a comedian actually dare to tell jokes about games, despite the fact that they’re big enough now for the jokes to resonate with an audience. Also fantastic to see the audience responding, proving that comedians should tell more game jokes.

Great clip, great comic, and great to hear a mainstream BBC audience cheer at the mention of Metal Gear Solid. This video has made my day.

Jim Sterling