Bring on the apocalypse: Rage’s shiny new QuakeCon trailer

After seeing the latest trailer for Rage from QuakeCon, I feel as if the game is going in a completely different direction than what I had envisioned, sort of like what happen with Brutal Legend. That said, I was impressed by what was shown.

With Fallout 3 still fresh on our minds thanks its DLC, and Borderlands coming sooner than later, I was beginning to think there were too many post-apocalyptic stories being thrown our way, but then I remembered A) id Software is developing Rage B) we really haven’t heard much about the game yet and C) Mad Max is f’ing rad.

For instance, how much of Rage will be dune buggy death racing and how much will be played from a first-person perspective? I couldn’t tell you, and I’d be willing to bet id couldn’t either. The worst part about being a gamer? Having to spend so much time waiting.

Yes! We now have glorious HD for our videos! Make sure to click the little “HD” enable button, or else you won’t get high-def, and believe us, you want high-def Rage.

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