Brilliant: Wii Party comes bundled with a Wii Remote

Today Nintendo has announced that its upcoming Wii party title, cleverly called Wii Party, will ship with a Wii Remote. Yes, every copy of the game will come with an accessory that, alone, would cost you $39.99 on its own, will come bundled with a $49.99 game.

This is rather brilliant on Nintendo’s party, really — games like Wii Play and Wii Sports Resort were among the top selling titles of 2009, arguably due to the fact that they came bundled with a required accessories. It’s also a great deal, even if you intend on throwing the game in the trash after a few days. That’s not to say that Wii Party won’t be quality entertainment, with 13 game modes like Bingo, Friend Connection, and Globe Trot.

Wii Party is out in North America on October 3 and Europe on October 8.

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