Brilliant puzzle roguelike Desktop Dungeons now portable

$10 for iPad and Android tablets

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With Desktop Dungeons now available for iPad and Android tablets, I can easily see it becoming an obsession all over again. This is $10, straight up; no in-app purchases, no bullshit. The Enhanced Edition’s daily challenges and Chemist and Rat Monarch classes are included, too.

“We don’t think that Desktop Dungeons would work as a F2P game, not without huge changes that we feel would make the game experience worse as a whole,” said QCF Design. “We’re focused on bringing the same game from PC to tablets; trying to rip out and rewire the guts of the gameplay to allow the game to nickel and dime people to death just doesn’t feel good.”

Save data can be synced between devices via the cloud, so if you’re already invested on Windows, Mac, or Linux, nothing to worry about there. Do give it a chance, even if you’re feeling burned out on roguelikes. Desktop Dungeons is special. Also, hilariously, Meat Boy is all over it.

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