Breath of the Wild Special Edition for Switch in stock online at Walmart

Thanks Wallyworld

Update: And its gone. Let us know if you see it back in stock and we’ll update accordingly.

Cue Professor Farnsworth: Good news everyone! The special edition of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is back in stock gain — this time over at Walmart. The Dell stock that we mentioned last week was limited and apparently quickly out-of-stock, partly due to a crappy stock/inventory system.

Walmart has no such issue and they are available as of writing. If you click through and you don’t see it at the regular list price of $99, that means you’re looking at third-party marketplace sellers at Walmart. Let us know and we’ll mark the “deal” as out-of-stock again.

In terms of the standard edition of the game, most online retailers are surprisingly out of stock (Amazon included). If you want a copy of the Standard Edition, Dell and Best Buy both have confirmed stock.

Walmart, of course, now carries a speedy free shipping option and you can also choose a free store pickup at your nearby location. We’re rather surprised stock is so plentiful, so it looks like Walmart may have done the smart thing and held back inventory for release week.

Check out Dtoid’s review here if you need more decision-making assistance. We’re pretty sure Walmart’s stock will go kaput soon, so if you’ve been looking for one and don’t want to pay silly scalper price of $150 ~ $400 on eBay, this is a good chance to pick up a copy from Walmart.

Now all we need to do is find a retailer with a Nintendo Switch in-stock to play the damn game. No biggie, right?

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