Breaking: Red Steel 2 will have swords and guns

We anticipate games with promise, thus we’re rubbing our hands together nervously for Red Steel 2. Sure, we were all burned the first time around. But, hey, nobody knew what exactly the Wii remote was capable of doing. Red Steel was a console launch title: we should have smelled its stench a mile away.

In the video below the fold, Red Steel 2 creative director Jason Vandenberg talks about Ubisoft’s upcoming and colorful sequel at E3 2009. He mentions that his studio will keep the Asian feel of the first title, as well as the whole sword and gunplay thing. The key to the latter two talking points, of course, is that they will actually work this time around. Thanks, WiiMotion Plus.

This video is also available on the Nintendo Channel. So, if you’re too hip to use a silly PC browser, feel free to boot up the console and stream it. We won’t make fun of you.

Brad BradNicholson