BREAKING NEWS: You can pet your mii in Miitomo

At least in the Japanese version

I’m totally from Japan. At least, that is what Apple and Nintendo believe as I’ve been playing the currently Japan-exclusive Miitomo today. And I have some hot news for all you virtual petting fans: you can pet your miis to your heart’s content. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your outlook), you can only pet mii heads and not their naughty bits, so you’ll have to stick to touching your real-life no-no zones instead of your virtual self.

Choose your reaction: 
A. Based Nintendo!
B. Blasted Nintendo! 

I’ll have my full impressions of Miitomo once I have a bit more time with it, but so far I’m digging it; it is like Tomodachi Life meets OkCupid and Twitter.

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