BREAKING NEWS! Disaster: Day of Crisis has no release date!!!

Quick, somebody get me CNN on the phone, because I have a red hot tip that will shake the entire foundations of America as we know it. Disaster: Day of Crisis, an IP as old as time itself, has NO release date and won’t hit store shelves in May, contrary to rumors!  SHOCK!

The game, which has been in development since the day Charles Darwin was born, is a survival title which charges players with the task of escaping a variety of natural disasters. The game was due for release in mid-2007, but very much like that other unreleased IP, Sadness, it seems that the game has been developed with pixie wishes and goblin tears.

Okay, to be fair, developer Monolith Soft has proven that it can make actual, existing games in the past, and Disaster is to be published by Nintendo, so it has a far greater air of legitimacy than Sadness ever did. Still, with Nintendo shooting down the May 30 release date and there still being no firm details after all this time, I wonder if this thing will make a 2008 release, or indeed, a release at all.

Only time will tell. It feels like it could be nothing less than a disaster in its own right at the moment, though.

Jim Sterling