BREAKING: Jon Blow wearing maroon colored T-shirt right now!

Indie darling Jonathan Blow has been in the press almost non-stop since the launch of his critically acclaimed Braid, and continues the coverage with this exclusive breaking news. We can confirm that at this very moment, Jon Blow is wearing a maroon-colored Dresden Dolls T-shirt. 

We emailed Blow moments ago for this outrageous story, where we had the brass balls to ask him what color shirt he had on. This was his sensational revelation:

What color shirt I am wearing *right now*?  It’s a Dresden Dolls concert t-shirt.  It’s…  maroon, I guess.  With an image on it in silver, black, green, and tan.  Strange colors.

There you have it, up-to-the-minute coverage of Jonathan Blow’s apparel. But this raises even more burning questions: What Dresden Dolls song does Blow like best? How has the wearing of maroon-colored T-shirts influenced the creation of Braid, and can we expect to see more musical duos emblazoned on this mastermind’s chest during the development of his next game? Would wearing a Simon & Garfunkel shirt have helped Blow make an even better game? We may never know these answers, but the games press is poised to find out. 

Jonathan Blow will be speaking with us on Podtoid, our weekly podcast, tomorrow night (make sure to submit your listener questions when the pre-show post hits), where we promise that, come Hell or high water, we will also find out what he may have watched on television that morning! In the opinion of this reporter, it HAS to have been Thundercats!

Jim Sterling