Breaking Benjamin’s Benjamin Burnley Breaks Battlefront

Probably just a PR stunt

2006 just hit me like a brick, because until today I had no idea Breaking Benjamin were still a band. I used to be massively into their music, and even looking back at it now it’s alright. Pretty much entirely cheesy adolescent angst, but not bad.

Turns out Breaking Benjamin’s lead singer Benjamin Burnley doesn’t feel the same way about Star Wars Battlefront as I do about his band. He posted this picture to Instagram, claiming that he was offered a paid promotional deal just for talking positively about the game.

Instead, he snapped the disk in half and went on a huge rant about how EA has supposedly ruined Star Wars, and how he’d rather watch the prequels than play it.

The cynical part of me is saying this is just another PR stunt for Battlefront. I wouldn’t imagine Burley is quite the big name needed for a celebrity endorsement for a game as big as Battlefront. Why not grab more eyes by instead snapping the game in half and galvanising the people who’ve just dropped potentially $100+ on the game? 

People are harshly criticising and outright insulting Burnley or other comments shows that’s exactly what’s happened. So, either Burnley’s post massively backfired, or massively succeeded for him.

Anyway, Diary of Jane was an alright song almost a decade ago, wasn’t it?

Joe Parlock