Breakers Collection to feature crossplay, replays, rollback, and more

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Developer details new content for classic fighter

This past weekend, developer Qubyte Interactive took to the airwaves to offer up new and previously confirmed info for its long-time-coming release Breakers Collection, which will compile Visco Corporation’s cult fighters Breakers (1996) and Breakers’ Revenge (1998) for modern platforms.

Qubyte’s Bruno Carvalho and Marcel Bernardi hosted the cozy little live stream on Friday evening, taking questions from fans while showing off Breakers Collection‘s range of additional modes and features. There was a lot of welcome transparency about the title and its release, with the developers openly stating what would and would not be a part of the retro remaster. And while Breakers Collection still did not receive its official release date, there were a lot of exciting tidbits on offer.

Among the topics discussed, we learned that Breakers Collection supports rollback netcode, and will also feature crossplay compatibility — though it was noted that the platforms engaging in crossplay were yet to be confirmed. In regards to online play, Breakers Collection will support lobbies, and feature player profiles complete with unlockable cosmetics, such as quotes and avatars. One major reveal comes in the form of a new Team Battle Mode, which will allow players to take a squad of characters into battle.

A gallery mode will feature fan art alongside vintage marketing materials, and Breakers Collection will also include a new range of character color options. An interactive replay function (something that every modern fighter needs to look into) will let players take control of a recording at any point to experiment with new solutions to tricky mid-match encounters. Qubyte Interactive also noted that there is no DLC planned, mildly hinting that post-release content is possible but unlikely. The team is planning to support the tournament scene in an online and offline capacity post-release. Y’all ain’t ready for my Rila.

Originally announced way back in 2019, it’s more than fair to say that Breakers Collection is sure taking its sweet time to come to final fruition. From this stream, however, it’s clear that the compact team of developers is working hard to deliver a great release for fans of the niche scrapper. While no strict date was announced, Qubyte Interactive is confident that the title will release in 2022 in both a digital and physical capacity, with pre-orders for the physical edition now live at Strictly Limited Games.

Breakers Collection is currently in development for PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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