A Bravely Default game you probably haven’t heard of hits two million players

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights two million players

‘Across all platforms’

Square Enix hit a Bravely Default two-million milestone with Brilliant Lights: their newly launched mobile game on iOS and Android. I know you’re probably confused. There’s a Bravely Default mobile game? I don’t blame you!

It’s extremely new, and just came out six days ago, and only on mobile, and only in Japan at the moment. That’s a series of provisos if I’ve ever seen one! It’s also a gacha game (surprisingly, dealing with just weapons instead of characters, as the latter are brought directly with currency), and features turn-based combat. To celebrate the two-million-players mark, the company is giving players 1,000 of in-game mithril currency (which it says is used for “gacha and stamina recovery”) — so if you do play, log in and grab the gift.

Details for a global edition have not been announced, but I’d definitely give it a shot, especially if the gacha element isn’t tied to characters. I’m really just happy to see this series live on in some way, even if that involves a Japan-first mobile project. It’s crazy to me that the original came out in 2012 and kicked everything off, and that we just recently got a mainline entry in early 2021.

If you want to learn more about Brilliant Lights and don’t mind sifting through some Japanese, Square Enix put up an official “manual” on the game’s website. At the very least you can sift through some gorgeous illustrations, and tangentially interact with this world, even indirectly.

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