Brash had a The Flash game, footage making the rounds

It appears that Brash Entertainment had at least two superhero-themed videogames in the works before it closed. At least, that’s what the above vignette indicates if YouTube “director” misterbigmouth isn’t in the business of pulling legs via the Internet.

The footage is a raw reel of a videogame based on The Flash. The director makes it seem as though he worked for Brash, making small notes we can’t verify about the title both in the video’s description and comments. According to him, this title was six months into production with “about a year” to go in the studio before it was finished.

As you can see, it features a man dressed in red that can run fast, do car tricks without a car, collect rings and brawl with several enemies at the same time. It has the appearance of an open-world title, which seems to be the norm with superhero action titles.

When asked about a demo by a commenter in the video section, the director said Brash had several milestone builds complete, but, again, the game was a “good ways off from a public demo build.” Judging by the footage, yeah, it was a bit aways from being released for consumer consumption.

[via super annuation]


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