Brand new Lock’s Quest trailers: The villain is called Lord Agony?

Seriously, why did nobody tell me that the villain is called Lord Agony? I’d have paid attention to Lock’s Quest a lot sooner if THQ had done me the honors. Lord Agony and his Clockwork Army is, without hyperbole, the greatest force of evil I have ever seen in a videogame. I am convinced the game can’t fail with a villain like that.

These new trailers for the DS title explain the world of Lock’s Quest in all its tinkering glory. The above video shows you how to build your defenses for battles against Lord Agony (he’s called Lord Agony!), while the post-jump vid shows off the battle system. The use of stylus minigames to pull off special attacks is interesting, though it might get tiring after a while. Hopefully the variety of the attacks keeps things fresh.

Anyway, the game is already out in the States I’m told, so if anybody’s checked it out, let me know. For European chaps like me, the little bugger’s out on September 26. Huzzah. 

James Stephanie Sterling