Braid: XBLA’s highest rated game ever (at least until Castle Crashers)

Johnathan Blow may claim to not care about Braid‘s success, but he must surely be grinning from ear to ear over the adoration that this game has received. The official blog for Braid is proudly displaying its Metacritic score of 92, marking it out as XBLA’s highest rated game of all time. Yes, it’s even better than the likes of Undertow and Bliss Island!

Destructoid has just added its own Metacritic-syndicated score to proceedings, and with a glowing 9.7 review, you can be sure that we won’t be making a dent in Braid‘s impressive numbers. Blow is also quick to point out that the game released a week prior, Geometry Wars 2, achieved the highest overall XBLA rating upon its own release, meaning critical success for Live Arcade as a whole. With Castle Crashers looming overhead, the love for XBLA games is sure to continue. 

Braid‘s score marks it as the 10th highest Xbox 360 game of all time, placing it above such games as Mass Effect (YES) and Rainbow Six: Vegas. Achievement unlocked for Johnathan, methinks. According to the post, the sales data is also quite good with 28.5K sales. Hey, it’s not GTA IV, but the numbers are nothing to sniff at. 

Also, before you say anything — yes this IS the third Braid story to hit the frontpage in a handful of hours.

James Stephanie Sterling