Braid may eventually come to PSN, but WiiWare is out of the question

There probably aren’t very many gamers in my boat: out of the three current-gen consoles, I only own a PlayStation 3 — and I have no plans to purchase an Xbox 360, let alone a Wii, anytime in the near future. Lest we descend into fanboy wars, let’s just say that my console situation is what it is, and regrettably, I currently have no means to play 360-exclusive games like Jonathan Blow’s exquisite puzzle platforming masterpiece Braid.

After reading testimonials of all kinds — including Destructoid’s review of the game — touting the game’s gorgeous visuals, incredibly well told story, and stupefying puzzles, I really want to play it. But sadly, I have no means to do so at the moment. Enter Canadian gaming Web site GameFocus, who recently interviewed Jonathan Blow, Braid’s lead designer.

Blow revealed that Microsoft holds a timed exclusive on the game; that deal that will be up “sometime in the future” (gee, thanks for the specificity there, Mr. Blow). Once that happens, the game may make its way to the PlayStation Network, but there’s nothing definitive yet — surely, the exclusive deal prevents all talk of that nature. I’ve certainly got my fingers crossed, though.

In addition, Blow noted that bringing Braid to WiiWare simply isn’t doable; the game is larger than the 512 MB of flash memory that makes up the console’s internal storage. Sorry, geeks and otaku — for now, you’re just going to have to buy a 360 if you want to play Braid.

[Via GameFocus — thanks, Jonathan!]

Samit Sarkar