Brace yourselves: PS3 makes a profit

While Sony has taken plenty of slack over pricing, its library of games, and multiple SKUs since the PlayStation 3’s humble beginnings, many have patiently waited for signs that the struggling games juggernaut might get back on its feet. With the recent news coming out of Bloomberg that the PS3 turned a profit for Sony last quarter, the beginnings of that time may very well be at hand: 

Net income rose 25 percent to 200.2 billion yen ($1.9 billion) in the third quarter ended Dec. 31, from 159.9 billion yen a year earlier, Tokyo-based Sony said today in a statement. Sales gained 9.6 percent to 2.86 trillion yen.

The company raised its full-year net income forecast by 3 percent to 340 billion yen after the games business made money. Sony lowered its annual operating profit target to 410 billion yen from the company’s previous 450 billion yen estimate. The annual sales target was left unchanged.

The company was projected to report third-quarter net income of 190.4 billion yen, according to the median estimate of six analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. Sales exceeded the 2.75 trillion yen median estimated in the survey.

If you recall, Microsoft had some good news of their own when they announced the profitability figures of the Xbox 360 last week. As for Nintendo, I’m not sure if they even remember what it’s like not to make a buck off of one of their systems Anyway, it’s great to hear that the “big three” are doing well, even if it turns out that the profits are only temporary. Two days in a row now we’ve heard something positive about the PS3 (way to go!). How long do you think that’ll last?  

[Via EvilAvatar