Boy DOES NOT strangle sister over BioShock game

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There is a story currently popping up all over the Internet (sourcing a non-existent news story, supposedly run by Kansas news station, KCTV) about a Kansas teenager who supposedly strangled his little sister thanks to influences from BioShock. Aside from the fact that it’s the most ridiculous story ever conceived, it has been confirmed by our very own Joe Burling (who made a quick and easy call to the KCTV news desk) to be completely false. Already circulating our Webs, the tale is getting somewhat out of hand and really isn’t very funny anyway, due to the fact that it’s so badly done.

“I get really into my games and when Brit’ came over to me to watch TV I forgot I was in a game and accidentally strangled her,” is what fictional Sean Connor is claimed to have told KCTV. Now, I’m all for dark humor, but if you’re going to do it, make it good dark humor. This seems like a petty attempt to start an urban legend, but it’s just not done well enough at all. Plus it’s about a month too late.

Should you see any reports about this story online, would you kindly ignore it as it’s quite, quite fake. KCTV has no reports of this nature, and directly debunked it for Destructoid. I also have a piece of advice to the “writer” who started this joke: Be funny next time.

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