Boy commits PS3 hate crime in local store

Everybody knows that console wars are serious business and that cold, hard machinery is completely worth an emotional investment, but how far will the soldiers of this conflict, those truly classifiable as ‘fanboys’ go for their chosen masters? Will they break the law? In the case of one thirteen year old boy, that is exactly what he did, getting himself apprehended for scrawling “PS3 sucks” on no less than 23 plastic PlayStation 3 security cases in his local Toys R Us.

He was discovered lurking at the back of the Anderson, S.C store by staff, who then found his vandalistic preachings written in permanant black marker. The PS3 hater was then held until police arrived who handed him over to child services when parents couldn’t be contacted. When asked why he did what he did, the young fellow-me-lad replied, “I have an Xbox and I hate PlayStation. I found the marker lying on the shelf and I guess I was bored. Sorry.”

I’d say it’s only because the PS3’s black.

[Thanks to TheGoldenDonut for this one. Oh, and people made the comic: writer – Jonathan Baylis, art – David Beyer Jr]

Jim Sterling