Boy banned from videogames, sledgehammers father to death

A fourteen-year-old boy recently gave his father the Peter Gabriel treatment after he was banned from computer games, battering him to death with a sledgehammer. 

The unnamed teen had his keyboard confiscated after being glued to games for a whole week. Rather than take the time to calm down, he waited for his father to go to bed, snuck into his room, and bludgeoned him twice in the head, killing him almost instantly. The truly messed up part is that the mother then gave him the keyboard back in a fit of terror, and the boy calmly returned to his gaming session. 

The mother told relatives about the incident and it was up to them to call the police, who currently have him held in “pre-trial detention.” In Russia, a fourteen-year-old can be charged with murder, which is good because, well, that’s what he’s done. Truly a messed up story.

Boy Bludgeons Father To Death Over Video Game Ban [HotBloodedGaming]

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