‘Bout time: Trine due out on PSN this Thursday

Nobilis product manager Olivier Vermeille brings good news: Trine is finally coming to the PlayStation Network. The PC version has been available for months, and hell, even Trine for PlayStation 3 was at one point going to be out and ready a few months back as well.

In case you forgot what it’s all about — believe me, I understand how you could — Trine is a platformer with physics-based puzzles. Need more? You play as a character who is actually three heroes in one. At any time, you can switch between being a knight, a thief, and a wizard, each suitable for different occasions.

Lastly, the PSN version does in fact support Trophies, and it’ll run you $19.99. More than anything else, I’m just glad this game is finally free of bugs and set for release.

Jordan Devore
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