Bounty Star mixes the Wild West and mechs next year

Bounty Star

The Morose Tale of Graveyard Clem looks like a rip-roarin’ good time

The old west is about to get flooded with a whole bunch of scrap. Bounty Star is a new game from Dinogod, merging big mechs and the wild, wild west next year.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive revealed the new game today, as part of its 2022 summer showcase. In the trailer, we see a look at the cliffs and deserts of Bounty Star, before diving right into the action.

Bounty Star is described as an over-the-shoulder mech action game. But it also has some farming and base-building elements as well.

Taking on the role of war veteran Clem, you fight in the Red Expanse, a “post-post-apocalyptic version” of the American Southwest.

Clem’s Desert Raptor MKII is a customizable suit, so the player can swap around to equip a ton of neat pieces of gear. Siege weapons, firearms, or a big ol’ sword. Or maybe some booster and thrusters, for zipping around the field.

No rest for the wicked

Clem is a bounty hunter, who pursues various targets and takes down marks for government cash. That means, of course, mech fights. The action looks like Armored Core by way of cowboys and high-noon shootouts, which is already a plus.

Then, when you return home, there’s more to be done. Clem’s run-down garage serves as a base of operations, but also a homestead. Over time, you build up water and power supply, grow food and cook, raise animals, and produce the ammo and fuel you need for combat. It’s like Stardew Valley, if you were also running a mech bounty-hunting business on the side.

It’s a pretty great pitch, and looks great in motion too. Considering Annapurna’s recent rep for picking up fantastic action games, I’m pretty interested in seeing where Dinogod goes with the western mech concepts they have right now.

Bounty Star is aiming for a launch in 2023 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam. It will also be coming to Game Pass.

Eric Van Allen