Boston officials scramble: Aqua Teen Hunger Force game is coming

G4 broke the news yesterday that one of my favorite television shows on this planet (should be yours too) is getting the video game makeover for the PlayStation 2. Now, before you grumble about licensed games and cartoons made into video games, think about it for a second. When has Aqua Teen ever disappointed you? NEVER, that’s when. I’d plow my straw into this:

“It’s extreme combat golf. It’s a golf game, but it’s also laced with violence,” Willis promised. “Frylock is admitted to Jersey Pines, the very prestigious golf course in Jersey, and Shake wants to play, so he goes about ruining the course. So you actually do play golf, but you’re battling the villains and some of your clubs might have a sawed-off shotgun.”

The as-yet-unnamed title will feature elements from the show that fans of the cult series have come to love.

“Carl’s gigantic crabs are lurking in the sandtraps, and the Brownie monsters, and obviously the Mooninites. It’s sort of a racing, violent golf game.

The game allegedly comes out this summer or fall. Someone better tell Boston. 

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