Boston Globe weaves a LONG tale of intrigue, love and Tetris

World record level classic gaming is a close relative of the sort of low-grade savantism found in chess champions and Dustin Hoffman characters — it baffles the general public, and is really only appreciated for what it is by those who spend their lives dedicated to the pursuit of perfect speed runs on games older than most of the readers of this site.

The above video comes courtesy of this Boston Globe article by writer Billy Baker, or as he’s more famously known now, Mr. Lori “Game Boy Tetris World Champion” Baker. In researching what Billy thought was a typical story on a young teen who managed a perfect 5:08 speed run of Super Mario Bros., he became acquainted with the Twin Galaxies folks who in turn, realized that his wife was apparently the Bobby Fischer of green-LCD-based, Russian gaming fads.

The entire tale is far too long and intriguing to explain fully beyond the tiny synopsis above, so instead I urge you all to go read the story. Not only will you realize that your wife will never be as awesome as his, but you’ll probably learn a bit about what it means to be married — that your wife is always better than you at everything

Earnest Cavalli
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