Borderlands Steam pre-order four-pack deal is live

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Pre-ordering a digital copy of Gearbox Studios’ Borderlands through Steam is an easy way to knock a few bucks off the purchase. Instead of dishing out about 50 hard-earned bones, eager reservers can steal the title at 45 bones. Not bad, but also not the only deal available. According to the Steam page for Borderlands, those buying four copies of the game can do so at a lean $134.97 instead of $149.97.

Question is: why the hell would someone buy four copies of the game? To enjoy the multiplayer, of course. While possessing a fully playable single-player experience, the post-apocalyptic RPS also has a beefy four-player cooperative mode, which seems to be the ideal way to explore the shoot-happy title.

So, if you have three bum friends, save fifteen bucks by getting in on this deal while it’s hot. Aside from being a hip pal, getting in on this would make you something of a metal Jesus, giving out games instead of bread or whatever.

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