Borderlands Steam pre-order deal is live; specs revealed

Itching to give the PC version of Borderlands a shot? Does the lack of it feel like a badger has clawed into your stomach and annihilated your inner being with its goblin teeth? Tell me about it. While the version doesn’t hit retail shelves or Steam until October 26th, pre-ordering may serve to dull the pain of not having it in hand. Even better, the Steam pre-order deal — which went live today — at least guarantees action the instant the title launches. It doesn’t fix the inner-being-lessness, but it’s a more soothing option than, say, doing nothing.

The current Steam pre-order deal — announced this afternoon by Valve — also cuts the price by 10 percent, making the title $44.99 instead of $49.99.

While the price is nice, it’s pointless if the target PC can’t run it. The Steam pre-order page lists the requirements. At minimum, Borderlands requires a 2.4 Ghz processor, 1 GB of RAM, A GeForce 8 or a Radeon R8xx series graphics card and 8 GB of hard drive space.

Ah — if only graphics cards could also function as time travel devices.

Brad BradNicholson