Borderlands not sent out to die, selling quite well

The day before its release, videogame analyst and professional blacksmith Michael Pachter accused 2K Games and Gearbox Software of sending Borderlands “out to die.” He claimed that releasing it in 2009 was wrong, and that Modern Warfare 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, despite not releasing until next month, were going to “kick its butt.”

Looks like Pachter may have been wrong on this one. 

Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford couldn’t be happier with Borderlands‘ launch, which apparently is doing very healthily indeed. According the studio boss, Borderlands is already becoming hard to find, and he’s urged gamers to pick one up quickly if they want to play it. 

“Getting reports from everywhere that Borderlands is selling out,” tweeted the Gearbox chief. “If you want a copy, grab one fast. Supply and demand.”

Okay, sure, so Pitchford is probably hyping his game and trying to instigate panic buys, but it sounds like he’s proud of the launch in any case, which is obviously a good thing. I still don’t get how the success of Dragon Age and Modern Warfare 2 was ever meant to take away from any potential success of Borderlands. Sure, they’ll sell better, but that doesn’t mean Borderlands has to sell badly. It’s not like there are only a finite number of sales to go around and they can only be taken by a select few games. In any case, it seems like Borderlands is not dying at all, and with a good few weeks before the truly massive games arrive, I’d say it’s got time to do quite well. 

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