Borderlands launching October 20th

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Gearbox Studios’ RPS Borderlands hits store shelves on October 20th.

Sure, the launch date is a frustrating FOREVER-PLUS-INFINITY (months) away from now in Standard Internet Time, but there’s no need to actually get discouraged. Gearbox appears to be crafting a very special post-apocalyptic RPG slash strategy game thing. If anything, the holiday release will give the studio more time to tighten the graphics on Wasteland two and create a couple million more weapons. We find it hard to argue with those two things — especially the weapons part.

Take a look at your calendar. Borderlands is launching right in the middle of the busiest time of the year for the games industry. Publisher 2K Games knows this and is quite cool about it despite the possible financial ramifications.

“I don’t think we have to be afraid of competition or shy of what’s out there,” 2K president Christoph Harman told GameSpot. “I think this holiday season is a little bit lighter in triple-A games than last year. It’s actually a good holiday to put something out. … There’s always risk and opportunity. The risk is you have a hard time standing out against established IP. The opportunity is you have a lot of traffic here and it can be a much bigger product at retail than it would be otherwise.”

If the game is as good as we think it is, we hope that Johnny-I-Buy-Games-Based-On-Cover-Art is feeling frisky this holiday season. Or decides to purchase new stuff in alphabetical order.

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