Borderland’s General Knoxx gets his own Twitter account

Little known fact: the General Knoxx of “The Secret Armory of General Knoxx,” the upcoming third Borderlands DLC expansion, is a real person. Well, real enough to have a Twitter account at least.

okay. so my secretary signed me up for this thing.apparently i have to be careful about how many words i type or it won’t send the entire me,” he writes before running out of characters in his introductory Tweet.

If you’re wondering what the deal with the lower-case is, Knoxx explains that “no one capitalizes in the future,” and that his “tweets time travel.” Knoxx has also already taken a picture of himself in a mirror with his “cellular ear ringer,” and has begun talking sh*t to fellow Twitter users.

watch your step boy. i lost my eye in a fight with myself,” he threatens to one. “ps. i won.”

Rumor has it that General Knoxx just may be delivering some actual (useful?) information on the upcoming DLC, so he’s probably worth following his “tweetergrams.”

Nick Chester