Borderlands aiming for 1080p and 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch

Motion controls, too

A few more details about the Borderlands Legendary Collection have come out since last week’s Nintendo Direct Mini announcement. Most notably, we have a resolution and frame-rate target.

As spotted by Reddit, developer Turn Me Up Games posted a description on its corporate site for Borderlands 1 and 2 on Switch indicating “full 1080p, at 30 FPS, and with no downgrading of art assets.” The studio says it worked tirelessly with 2K and Gearbox, and along with “all the trimmings of the [Game of the Year releases],” the Switch versions have “newly-developed motion controls.”

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the other game in the Legendary Collection, wasn’t mentioned – but that shouldn’t be cause for concern. Turn Me Up just spoke about its role in the multi-studio collaboration.

I was anxiously wondering about the broad-strokes performance of Borderlands on Switch, so that’s nice to know. (Based on the trailer footage, I was expecting 30 FPS.) As for my other big question, the Borderlands Legendary Collection on Switch has two-player split-screen and four-player online co-op.

Fans have also been asking about the Commander Lilith DLC; unlike the other add-ons, it won’t be included here. If you’re still up for another excursion on Pandora, May 29 is the date to remember.

I think I am, just probably not on launch day.

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