Borderlands 3’s first DLC seems like it’ll further desecrate the legacy of Handsome Jack

Mo’ looks, mo’ problems

A handsome guy just can’t catch a break. History is told by those who win, and Handsome Jack definitely did not win. Hyperion’s leader opened up some vaults and took over Pandora, only to catch a few bullets for his trouble. Okay, maybe many bullets.

It seems as though Handsome Jack will catch more flak in Borderlands 3‘s first proper add-on. Gearbox is nearly ready for the reveal of Borderlands 3‘s first story DLC, and it seems like Handsome Jack — although very much dead — is at the center of it. Here’s the teaser trailer:

That’s Opportunity, Handsome Jack’s utopian city of the future. That’s also Mad Moxxi, and she wants to burn the whole thing down. You know how this story goes. Just turn it off before the end because the bad guy dies.

Gearbox has more in store for everyone who’s grinding Borderlands 3‘s endgame. The raid-like Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite and Mayhem Mode 4 are both being implemented before the end of November. That all gets detailed alongside the premium DLC on the November 20 episode of The Borderlands Show.

Brett Makedonski
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