Borderlands 3’s endgame includes something called Proving Grounds

Circle of Slaughter’s back, too

The new fad is to talk about an endgame before a game even releases. People want to know how they can continue to play after they’re done with the campaign. Gearbox took this into consideration with Borderlands 3.

In Borderlands 3, one of the big replayable challenges is called Proving Grounds. This requires players to discover hidden Eridian writing that’s scattered throughout the game. Those coordinates reveal new planets where the Proving Grounds are located.

Essentially, Proving Grounds seems to be a series of arena-based trials with optional objectives. Fight off a bunch of enemies to best it; hit some extra constraints to earn even better loot. Borderlands 3 will ship with six Proving Grounds challenges.

Gearbox has more in store, though. Circle of Slaughter is back, which is basically a wave-based mode. Additionally, Gearbox teases that it’ll reveal more about the endgame in the coming weeks leading up to launch.

Brett Makedonski
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