Booty-shaking Japanese Street Fighter IV Web site goes live

The official Japanese Web site for Capcom’s Street Fighter IV has gone live, and does the music playing in its background make you want to shake your ass or what?

The site contains screens which we’ve already seen, as well as character bios for characters we already know about — Ryu, Ken, and the recently revealed Crimson Viper. According to translations found on the appropriately named fan-blog, The Street Fighter Blog, the Japanese bio text reveals juicy info on the three characters.

Ryu (“Continual Pursuer”) has a “life condition” that forces him to fight, apparently; Ken’s (“Red Lotus Fighting King”) wife is pregnant, so he wants to beat up Ryu; and Crimson Viper (“Ms. Perfect”) is tough, smart, and business-like, with a body trained to be a weapon … kind of like Oprah Winfrey.

I refreshed the bio page 475 times and nothing changed, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before new characters start rearing their oversized noggins.

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