Boom Boom Rocket to support guitars, dance pads, Chris Kohler’s assassination

News came in from 1up earlier regarding the XBLA downloadable rhythm title Boom Boom Rocket; apparently the game is getting an update adding support for the more traditional musical peripherals: dance pads and plastic guitars. The update should be available the next time you fire the game up, and shortly we’ll also be seeing the addition of downloadable songs. Details on that should be forthcoming soon.

Of course, this is good news for everyone with the exception of Game|Life’s Chris “The Chris Who Stole Christmas” Kohler. I’d like to preface what I’m about to say by mentioning I’m a fan of the title, so Mr. Kohler broke my heart by saying:

Sounds interesting, although I doubt there’s really anything Electronic Arts can do about Boom Boom Rocket short of “scrap the whole derivative, insulting mess and design a better game.”

Sure, the man’s been playing Rock Band while the rest of us weep sadly, but does he have to tear down BBR, or as I call it “the little explosions-and-techno game that could?” Now I’m not going to go off and say something like Mr. Kohler actually eats adorable kittens or was once found wearing a nun’s habit and covered in blood, but I will say this: “Chris, can I please come over and play Rock Band? I’ll bring chips, and I won’t even flirt with your girlfriend, I promise!”


I’m lying. I flirt with everyone’s girlfriend. 

Earnest Cavalli
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