Boom Blox to go multiplatform? It’s a possibility, cheeky fella

The critically acclaimed Boom Blox is seen as one of the few creative triumphs on the Wii, even if it didn’t bring down the house in terms of sales. EA CEO (and international sex symbol) John Riccitiello was caught speaking to MTV about the game finally reaching 450,000 sales. Smart enough.

Among other things, Riccitiello also talked about the possibility of a sequel, and naturally praised the game. When asked about Boom Blox appearing on other systems, the silver-haired Lothario had this to say:

We haven’t made announcements on that front. Frankly, its original design was all about the control of the [Wii] wand. But there are other ways to implement that. It is a hugely innovative product. I expect you’ll see it on other platforms in time.

That would certainly help sales, but if the Wiimote is the focus of the game, would it work on your Xbox 360 or a PS3’s DualShock 3? How the HELL should I know? When it comes to getting something multiplatform though, you know Electronic Arts will find a way.

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